10 DIY Cactus Scratch Off Cards

10 DIY Cactus Scratch Off Cards

  • $4.00

• Set of 10 DIY scratch off cards.
• Scratch off cards are business card size 3.5" x 2"
• Cards are printed on matte card stock to allow for writing with a pen.
• Cards have a blank white backside.
• 10 scratch off stickers included.

★Pennies and envelopes are not included★

These cards are pre-printed and cannot be customized.
If you are interested in placing a bulk or wholesale order of 300 or more cards please contact me for more information.

The scratch off sticker comes in silver. These cards are DIY. The space under the designated scratch off area is BLANK!! The handwritten message must be added to the cards before placing the scratch off sticker. The scratch off stickers are clear see through when scratched to reveal the handwritten message. Scratch off stickers will need to be peeled off the backing, and stuck to the card.

Please make sure to scratch off the sticker firmly with a coin.